My New Philosophy on Blog Posts: Less is More

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My original thought when I’d start this blog was that I’d post several times a week.

After all, some of the most successful bloggers got a start by doing that, and some still do (like Chris Guillebeau or Seth Godin.)

But in keeping with the theme of this site, I’ve decided to go a different approach. I think it makes more sense for me to write 1-2 awesome posts a month than 10-20 “meh” posts.

The internet is full of posts that someone put together in like 20 minutes. That’s not what it needs. Instead, people need to read articles and posts that have the potential to be more life-changing and epic.

Obviously there are drawbacks to writing that seldom, but I think it makes the most sense from this point on. I can be much more intentional and do more research on posts, rather than just trying to check a box.

Plus I know several bloggers, such as Paula from Afford Anything, follow this model. She invests a ton of time and energy into her posts, and it has paid off! Her readers love it and her readership is growing tremendously.

I look forward to seeing where this takes this blog, its reader base and myself.