This Week’s Top Posts in Productivity – 12 November 2016

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I’m starting something new.

Rather than always relying on myself to come up with content, I want to leverage and give shout outs to other people that are posting great stuff in the productivity space.

Here are a few I found this week:

How to Uncover What’s Not in the Employee Handbook

Laura is great at applying productivity to a ton of different areas of life. I think she’s spot on with this one, where she discusses how to understand your company even better than its handbook can explain.

This is important because EVERY company has its own culture. One company’s handbook says it’s okay to wear jeans, but actually doing so will cause your coworkers to question your professionalism. On the next floor of the office building, a different company may look at you strangely if you come more dressed up than a t-shirt with shorts.

Laura’s article talks about how to uncover these hidden things that aren’t necessarily secrets, but are just unknown to newbies.

Five Ways to Discover What’s Not in The Handbook: Unearthing Your Company’s Unwritten Rules



Eliminating Stress Can Be a Key in Productivity

This article is the essence of what this site is all about.

Most of us are too busy for our own good. We’re maintaining our homes, taking our kids to extracurricular activities, freelancing at night, helping with the school PTA board, etc.

It’s too much!

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be busy- and neither is Rebecca Shireman in this article. Instead, I think the key is to realize that we can’t do everything. We need to pick the most important things and do those.

Doing so will help relieve your stress, which will likely lead to you being even more productive.


Performance Psychology: How to Improve Your Productivity in One Hour a Week

This one is nice because it goes into both strategy and tactics to be more productive.

It introduces a few questions we can ask ourselves to become more productive. It ties these in with something called the 30/30 Rule that helps you work on long-term projects now so you aren’t as stressed about them later. As you build momentum, good things happen!

I’m adding the recommended book, Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck, to my wishlist! you can never read too many productivity books.


Richard Branson says this daily habit doubles his productivity

I’ve heard this a million times before… yet I don’t implement it as much as I should.

Richard Branson- a man worth about $5 billion – wakes up at 5am every morning to exercise!

That’s no joke. I mean, not just the fact that he exercises, but that he does it so early in the day. The guy could afford to sleep in as late as he wants, but he gets up early and starts the day off right.

Considering he’s one of the richest people on the planet, maybe more of us should follow his lead!


End the Politics Over Productivity

This is an interesting one. When you think of productivity, what comes to mind?

Is it sending off more emails in the same amount of time?

Maybe it’s about batching your cooking or laundry so you can do it less often?

While those are a few ways that most of us think about it- there is a different side to it. The side that countries measure productivity based on factors like GDP and unemployment. When these things start to stagnate or fall, they get worried.

But this article highlights there are other issues that may also need to be addressed. For example, inequality in the workplace.